Irvine, 23, from Kirkcaldy was recently diagnosed with a health issue and found his work experience at a local coffee shop prematurely ending due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This combination plus the uncertainty of whether his health would stand in the way of a future career meant Irvine’s low confidence and anxiety got worse.

Wanting to get back into work but knowing he needed support, Irvine looked at The Prince’s Trust website and was instantly attracted to the variety of courses on offer focusing on developing his confidence and skills.

Taking part in online courses, Irvine feels like his confidence has significantly improved especially after talking to different people and learning key communications skills. He’s now continuing to work with The Trust to explore future options and is keen to secure a volunteering position and then a job.

I’ve now been on quite a few of the online courses with The Prince’s Trust and I feel like my confidence has really improved. I’ve also developed my self-awareness and reflecting on each session with my keyworker, Josie, has been really helpful. She is amazing and makes me laugh. I’ve also learned more about my strengths and weaknesses - for example I’ve learnt that I’m naturally good at communicating but sometimes it feels like my disability holds me back.

“I’m still working with the Prince’s Trust to explore my options for the future, but I feel better equipped now to get back in to work.”