What was life like before the Prince’s Trust?

My life seemed a bit of a haze as I was in a job I didn’t enjoy being in and I needed to figure out what I wanted to do.

How did the Prince’s Trust support with promoting positive wellbeing and mental health?

The support they deliver with positive wellbeing and mental health is outstanding; they make this one of their top priorities as it effects so many of us especially teenagers and young adults.

What are the best things about working for Gap?

 No day is ever the same. You are in a comforting environment and you work with the nicest of people who are always willing to help you learn more and progress further in your career. Also, the customers are really friendly when you break down their barriers.

Why did you want to get involved in this campaign and the collaboration for world mental health day?

I want to let everyone know that we all have mental health and that it is just important as our physical health - no one should have to suffer as we all need someone to talk to once in a while to reassure ourselves and I want to do just that for the people who are going through tough times.

What are the positive words you would share with someone looking for support?

Don’t suffer in silence! Make the move and get in touch with someone; whether it be a cup of tea with family, friends, or anyone who is willing to help they are here for a reason and we want to get the best out of your mental health.