With experience of working in care homes in Northern Ireland, Ineta was keen to stay in the sector as she enjoyed the flexible work pattern and night shift option that care work offered.

Settling well into her new home in Clydebank, she was disappointed that her job search was proving difficult but was offered hope by the Job Centre when she was told about a programme The Prince’s Trust were running in partnership with Cornerstone.

Ineta was referred to The Trust by her work coach and instantly displayed her enthusiasm and dedication to the care sector making her an ideal candidate for the Get into Health and Social Care course.

While participating on the course, she applied for a relief position with Cornerstone and secured the role with her start date imminent.

I really enjoyed the programme and when Cornerstone told us there were opportunities available, I jumped at the chance to apply. I’m looking forward to restarting my career in social care.

While waiting for the social care course to start, Ineta completed other Trust sessions as her Prince’s Trust keyworker felt she could gain essential new knowledge and skills by taking part in 1:1 and online sessions.

Ineta said: “While I was waiting for the course with Cornerstone to start, I got fantastic support from my keyworker Jordan. I had mentioned to him that I spent the first few years of me life in Latvia and I was keen to develop my English vocabulary, particularly local Scots words and phrases so in each one-to-one session we would both bring a couple of new words to share with one another which was lovely. Jordan was also keen that I could explore other Prince’s Trust sessions and after I told him I was also interested in the arts, specifically photography as a hobby, he told me about the online Photography session.

“I absolutely loved it and I received such great feedback on the photograph I submitted at the end using the techniques we were taught that it’s made me consider blending my interest of photography with my career in care work by working on a project centred around the lives and perspectives of those aged 65 and over.”

This positive experience has led to Ineta recommending The Prince’s Trust to friends who are now receiving support to achieve their own goals.