“I was struggling financially because I had to leave my job in retail when we moved. It was hard to find a job, every time I applied I just heard sorry, but no. I eventually started working for Superdry, but they let me go when the pandemic came.

“I spent 6 months in total without a job this year, and went online to look at The Prince’s Trust website where I saw they were offering a programme called Get Started in Health and Social Care, which offered a job interview at the end.”

Ines took part in the programme in July, which covered essential skills like communication and taught her information about care jobs, a new sector for her. She successfully secured a job as a Care Assistant at the end of the programme.

Honestly, being unemployed during the pandemic was one of the hardest situations I’ve been through. Everywhere I applied to they said they weren’t looking for any staff, and I was in a difficult financial position, so sometimes I got depressed about that. So the fact that The Prince’s Trust gave me this opportunity to lift me up into a job is marvellous.

“I’m learning lots in my role about patience and professionalism, even in challenging situations. That’s what I like about care; every day I’m learning new things, not just about the work but about myself, and I feel I’m becoming a better person. I might even do a nursing course after this job if it goes well.”

Ines explained that it is challenging working in the health sector during the Covid-19, because there are lots of things she and her team have to do to be careful to protect their patients, but her priority always remains keeping her patients safe and comfortable.