Ilkeston Team 175, who were aged between 16 and 25, each faced multiple barriers to success and in their circumstances, none had found a career path for themselves.

For many of the participants, their motives for undertaking our Team programme were around a recognition that they needed support with social skills, confidence, motivation and self-belief. They all realised they had not yet found a direction in life and, despite some initial doubts, they committed themselves to the project.

They chose to work at SV2, a charity supporting the victims of sexual violence as they agreed this would have the most impact on the lives of others. Their task was to decorate two therapy rooms and an office. 

Working together, they planned and organised the allocation of responsibilities and made sure everybody could try all the different skills such as painting mural boards or painting walls. 

From the outset, they had to make decisions in collaboration not only with each other but with the staff at SV2. Agreeing a plan that incorporated what everyone wanted required careful planning and the conviction that they were all working towards one goal. 

The team learned about the charity’s work and understood the need to be respectful and considerate of service users. They realised that making the environment friendly and welcoming helped them feel safe when talking about a difficult time in their lives.

The team developed outstanding partnerships working on the project. They learned how to gain support from others and the importance of communicating effectively. They learned how to deal with difficulties and to persevere.

As Amber Burton, 19, one member of the Team, says:

Since being on the course I have built up motivation for work and am determined to go for what I want to do in life.