"Prior to the Get into programme, I'd recently decided to leave university as I found it wasn't the best fit for me. Despite enjoying the subjects, I developed an anxiety disorder and depression. After a recovery period, I decided to look into The Prince’s Trust.

"My self-confidence and self-esteem had dropped drastically and these were two of my main barriers that stopped me progressing into employment. 

"I received emotional, financial and social support from all the staff from both Inditex and The Prince’s Trust which enabled me to get the most out of the Get into programme. There was a great sense of togetherness which made me feel more included.

"My resilience to adversaries in life, increased through building up my confidence, later enabled me to find a Level 3 course that was suited to my learning abilities and styles.

"The programme allowed me to gain 'on-the-job' training before officially starting in the workplace. Over the five weeks I was able to open up comfortably and later develop friendships with some of the other participants.

The support I received also helped me to overcome personal fears, as well as finding healthy coping strategies to manage my anxiety at work.

"I also gained useful employability skills which I previously did not have. My communication, and problem-solving skills developed, which has enabled me to settle into work quicker.

I am now more inclined to ask my managers for help if I have difficulties that are affecting or being caused by my work. On top of this, watching my peers overcome their personal obstacles helped to empower me to achieve more for myself.