After studying Communication Design at Glasgow School of Art, Gillian graduated in 2013 and found employment as a trainee bookbinder, but eventually felt the urge to step out on her own.

Having enjoyed her experience, Gillian decided to channel her creativity into building her own bookbinding business.

However, Gillian found the process of starting her own business daunting and began to feel quite demoralised – which stalled her progress and dealt a blow to her self-belief. Wary of allowing a sense of aimlessness to creep in, Gillian chose to look for advice to lift her out of this rut and got in touch with The Prince’s Trust.

Gillian had to overcome certain barriers if she was to be successful. The biggest of these was her self-confidence – despite having the necessary creative talents, there was gnawing fear that she would be unable to achieve her goals and this thought had held her back for some time. She also had reservations about going on another course, having had negative experiences with other business groups which left her feeling confused and demoralised. Despite these doubts, Gillian took part in the Trust’s Enterprise course and quickly felt at ease.

It looked like a very accessible programme that was welcoming and geared for young folk. I was excited to be learning alongside other people in the same situation as me, and it looked like The Prince’s Trust would really understand what I needed at that point.

With her fears dispelled, Gillian excelled on the course and found that she was becoming more self-assured with each passing day. She took the business advice she was given on board and appreciated the words of encouragement and understanding from the Trust’s staff. With a renewed sense of self-belief, Gillian felt prepared to start her own bookbinding business which she named Juju Books.

Since establishing Juju Books, Gillian has gone from strength to strength and has learned a great deal about running a business as a sole trader. Whilst her confidence and new-found business know-how have helped her thus far, Gillian’s creative streak ensures that she’s always looking to learn and improve her craft.

She said: "I’m committed to getting better as a bookbinder and designer and hope one day to be able to take on an apprentice I’m grateful for the support and reassurance I received from The Trust and so when I was asked if I wanted to become a Young Ambassador and represent The Prince’s Trust I was thrilled. I take great pride in this role and enjoy supporting other young people as they decide on their future and take the steps needed to be successful".