Gillian, 21, from Glasgow enjoyed working at the salon but wanted a career that had guaranteed hours, pay and holidays.

Encouraged by friends and family to try social care as she liked working and helping people, she applied for The Prince’s Trust Get into Health and Social Care programme with Keane.

She said: “In my years working in the salon I knew I loved working with people that needed help or could not do things for themselves. When I started the course, I felt nervous and thought I may struggle to work support people as I have learning difficulties which means I can’t process information or learn at the same pace as others.”

I got to know my group and loved them, and I am thankful for how they helped me as friends and colleagues.

Gillian excelled on the programme and was always enthusiastic, passionate, and ready to support her colleagues.

After finishing the course, she was successful in gaining a job with Keane Premier support and she is now looking forward to the future and continuing her career in care.

She added: “My goals are to still be working in care in the next five years, not living at home or asking mum for help as much.”