After studying music technology at the University of Hull, George had a job lined up on a cruise ship.

“Before the pandemic, I was mainly doing gigs on the side, and I was looking forward to starting work on a cruise ship before it fell through because of coronavirus. I went on universal credit in May, and tried to apply for work in factories, but none of them got back to me.”

George decided to start looking for jobs that were classified as essential work, figuring there would be more opportunities there. His work coach put him in contact with The Prince’s Trust, where he learnt about the Get Started with Health and Social Care programme, which includes guaranteed job interviews at the end.

“I was interested in care work because I’ve always wanted to help people. I definitely needed the knowledge that I learnt on the course about care work, like information on safeguarding, because it was all brand new for me.

The course gave me a lot of confidence as well. The Prince’s Trust staff gave us mock interviews in preparation for the real ones at the end. I was nervous for the mock interview and getting through that really helped me deal with the real interview. If it weren’t for that practice, I wouldn’t have got it.”

George was offered a role in domiciliary care at Abbeycare Nursing at the end of the course.

“I’ll be visiting people’s houses and helping them in a few ways, like chatting with them, making them food and taking them out the house.

“After a lot of uncertainty it’s refreshing to know I’ll be on a payroll and have fixed hours and a timetable. I would like to go back to freelance music work in the future, but for now I’m lucky to have a normal job, and I’m still working on creative projects on the side.

“I had a really wonderful time on The Prince’s Trust course, I learnt a lot and I am much better off with The Trust’s support.”