Gail, 28, from Clydebank found going to the Jobcentre demotivating and felt like she would never find a job that she would enjoy and progress in, while providing for her and her son.

Although she had experience in volunteering within the retail sector, Gail found trying to find a job really tough and she had almost lost hope when she was told about The Prince’s Trust Get into Health and Social Care course at the Jobcentre.

Apprehensive at first, Gail was curious to find out more and she was delighted when she was told that The Trust would cover any childcare costs during the course.

She said: “I really didn’t like going to the Jobcentre and just wanted to find a job that I would enjoy and could make a career for me and my son. When I heard about The Prince’s Trust and Cornerstone course, I felt unsure of it. I worried if it would go anywhere, will the course benefit me, will anything come of it and have I made the right decision doing the course - as my anxiety makes me doubt my decisions.

I was really thankful and appreciative when I found out that The Prince’s Trust do cover Childcare costs as I don't think I would have been able to even do the course if it wasn't covered.

Gail excelled on the programme and really came into her own. Her great knowledge and temperament for Health and Social Care meant that after completing the course she was offered a job with Cornerstone and now is working as a support worker with hopes to progress her career with the company.

She added: “I found all the staff from Prince's Trust to be very helpful and encouraging - and made me quickly realise that something would come of it and that I’m grateful of how much support they gave to me even after the course was finished.”