He began to feel even more disheartened when he lost his part-time job in a restaurant due to Covid-19. And reading about unemployment rising and the industries he either worked in or hoped to work in being the hardest hit, meant Fraser began to lose hope.

But after being told about The Prince’s Trust Scotland Get into Retail course with M&S in his home city of Dundee, Fraser saw it as an opportunity to make a positive difference to his life.

After completing the course which combined online learning with a work placement, Fraser was delighted to be offered a job in his local store.

Fraser was studying Technical Theatre and hoped to work in a theatre supporting them with technical aspects such as the lights and sound. Pleased to have finished his course just as lockdown was beginning, he was devastated to lose his restaurant job as it meant he had nothing to fill his days.

Glad for the support from his former classmates who all kept in touch to help each other through the uncertainty of 2020, Fraser soon found himself bored and fearing the worst for this future.

He said: “I was really pleased I got to finish my course before lockdown, but it did mean when I lost my job that I had nothing to keep myself busy. Very quickly, you get down. I was so optimistic about getting a job when my studies finished but when you’re reading about how badly the pandemic is affecting the economy it’s hard to keep positive. I started to feel useless and although I tried to do as much as possible to keep busy it was tough.

When my Project Scotland helper told me that The Prince’s Trust was running a course in Dundee with M&S I was instantly interested. I had no retail experience, but I decided to give it a go and I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

“I had previously worked behind the scenes in hospitality, so it was nice to be front of house so to speak and deal with the public. During the course, I realised I would like to work in retail and when I was offered a job, I made sure to grab it!”

Fraser thrived in his job and although his contract has now come to an end, with continued support from The Prince’s Trust, as well as volunteering at vegan café Serendipites which helps people with learning difficulties, he is now armed with experience and newly found confidence. And this means he is hopeful about his future and believes he can achieve his goals of working in the theatre.

He added: “I am proud of myself. I’m glad I took part in something when I could have easily stayed at home feeling worse about things. I still can’t believe I’ve found a new job during a pandemic and I really enjoyed it. Having the support of The Trust means I’m in a much better place and feel better about my future.”