Francesca's father was in prison and she didn’t have a strong relationship with either of her parents.

"My grandmother was my rock and she did the best she could for me, but it was tough. I always felt like I would never amount to anything and I didn’t have the support I needed from other people to fulfil my dreams. 

I wanted to be a professional footballer. I got a scholarship to play in Boston, America, but unfortunately a bad injury meant I had to give up that dream. I left Manchester eight years ago with just £10 in my pocket and came to London to create my own identity.

Francesca joined our Enterprise programme in January 2015. She then successfully launched her company, Goals4Girls, and now provides a football development programme to young girls aged 11-16, offering coaching, workshops, qualifications, trips as well as mentoring sessions focusing on life skills and personal development. She also looks after her four-year-old son, who she counts as her biggest inspiration.                                                                                                                                            

"Although my dream to be a professional footballer didn’t become a reality", says Francesca, “I’m passionate about helping other young girls reach their full potential and giving them the encouragement and training they need, which is something I never had."