“I loved my job and getting to see the world. Before lockdown I was working in Spain, then the rules changed so I got sent home.

“Over the past year I’ve had to learn to keep myself busy and become open minded to trying new things, which is why I signed up for courses at The Prince’s Trust.”

With travel work opportunities remaining unreliable during the pandemic, Forester has been exploring different sectors to work in over the past year, but has been met with more challenges.

I signed up for a retail employability course with The Prince’s Trust in November, which helped me get work in a shop over Christmas. At that point I hadn’t worked for a while and I just wanted to do any kind of work available. Having somewhere to go and be productive in the day helped my sleeping pattern, and I realised how much I’d missed face to face conversations.

“At the start of January though, the whole of the country went into lockdown and the shop couldn’t keep us on. We all saw it coming to be honest.”

With his last work opportunity scuppered by lockdown, Forester has been taking time in 2021 to think more broadly about his future career as an entertainer.

“I joined The Prince’s Trust’s Get Started with stand-up comedy course in spring 2021, which was really interesting and was adapted really well to online delivery. We did a performance at the end of it to 50 people which was my first time performing virtually! I’m now taking part in Get Into Marketing, because I’ve realised in today’s society you need to learn to market yourself on places like social media, especially if you’re an entertainer.

“I would love to go back to performing for cruise ships and different hotels when we can travel again, and for the long-term future I’m looking at self-employment. I’d be interested in being a mobile performer for weddings, and the marketing course is really helping me explore that option.

“One good thing about lockdown is that it can open your eyes to what you want to do. Most people are busy rushing around with 9 to 5 jobs and kids and don’t really stop and think about what they want for their future. I’d tell other young people to take your time and think about how you can use the skills you have for different jobs if you can’t do your old job right now.”