Farrah heard about The Prince’s Trust through the JobCentre Plus when she had her first appointment.
“I found the Get Started in Photography programme through The Prince’s Trust Facebook Page. I decided to take it up because I loved the idea of not only the photography skills learnt on the course, but also taking part in the Bronze Art Award and the opportunity to take up work experience behind the scenes. This was one of the areas I wanted to develop further since studying Photography at A Level. I wanted to keep my photography going in my creative arts practice and take up opportunities that were offered to me.

“Before I got involved with The Prince’s Trust, I graduated with a 2:1 in BA (Hons) Textile Practices from Plymouth College of Art in October 2019. At first, I was feeling nervous once I had finished my degree because I cared strongly about my subject and reputation in my creative arts practice. Since graduation, I have been accessing a local studio, called the Printery, where I took the opportunity to lino and screen print and dye the materials, after I worked full-time temporarily.”

Farrah has been working towards the Bronze Arts Award.

I felt very excited to start the photography course because this was one of the creative skills I wanted to develop further in my creative arts practice, which makes me more of a rounded person. Furthermore, I was very excited to start the Bronze Arts Award by journaling every photography session I attended as required. I also could not wait to use my DSLR camera again, which got me very enthusiastic about taking photographs for each project.

“Reaching out to The Prince’s Trust and taking part in their talks and courses has helped me to broaden my contacts. Participating in both the photography course and Bronze Arts Award have helped me achieve more qualifications and to expand my personal skill set. I have learnt a lot of photography skills which were practically refreshing and new; my favourite skills were leading lines, rule of thirds, working the scene, editing the photos and contrast. The reason why I outline these skills is that I found them experimental, and they allowed me to produce unusual photography. Photography has personally helped me realise how I could transfer my photographs into various designs, such as embroidery, printing and hand-rendered and digital drawings and photographic products.

“While lockdown is still going on and I am keeping safe at my parents’ house, I am still accessing support online from my networking circle and continuing to take part in various online workshops and courses. When I am back in Plymouth once it is safe to travel, I will slowly get back on my feet attending in-person appointments once they are properly back up and running. I will also start looking into many work placements, as well as paid work, and developing my small textile business. My plans for the future are finding a full-time job that I would enjoy and having a small business on the side.

“I would not say things have changed massively for me in a negative way during the pandemic, but I have had to stay over at my parents’ house to keep myself safe from COVID-19. During lockdown, I have been keeping busy with my creative practice by taking part in various online workshops, such as drawing, macrame, crochet and an embroidery club. Alongside this, I have been using Zoom and Microsoft Teams online, taking part in many talks and practical sessions which have helped me make wider connections with people.

“What I would say to someone who is thinking about finding support from The Prince’s Trust is to tell them about yourself and what your personal aspirations are and sign up as to many relevant courses and talks as they provide. You can even send them your CV and I am sure they will point you in the right direction and support you in achieving your goals and aspirations. I would encourage you to reach out to The Prince’s Trust because the staff are not just helpful and encouraging, but they support you along the way in any path you desire to follow.”