"I grew up in Stockwell, South London. I had a happy upbringing but was aware from a young age that there were very few role models for me and my peers to look up to.

"I’d always wanted to achieve great things, but there was a lot of madness in the area I grew up in. There wasn’t a lot for young people to do except get involved with gangs and violence.

I had strict parents who kept me on the straight and narrow. But I was an observer of this negative culture and I saw the impact of violence in my community, with my friends at school becoming heavily involved.

"Even when you’re not involved, you can get caught up in things because of where you live. I’ve had knives pulled on me and seen people with weapons in my area.

"It’s sad because of how you look and where you live, people will make an assumption about you and treat you the same as someone who is involved.

I really wanted to do my best to avoid being stereotyped and I strived to fight it. I worked hard to get a good education and skill up for work.

"After I finished education, I was broke and tried hard to get work but struggled when I felt like nothing was happening. But one day, I met someone from Sony who took a chance on me and gave me a job.

"With this job in digital marketing, I was able to learn new skills, broaden my perspective, skills and solidify my work ethic! But was still facing some hardships in my community.

I wanted to prove that people like me don’t have to get involved in violence and can make positive choices for themselves. That’s when I decided to get in touch with The Prince’s Trust.

"I came onto The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme to make a start at running my own digital marketing agency and it’s been an amazing journey. I now run my own digital marketing agency with a small office in Shoreditch, an intern working for me and numerous clients.

"I absolute love working for myself and now as a Young Ambassador I want to use this platform to show young people that there are opportunities available to them that can enable them to have great, positive futures."