Emma has come a long way since deciding to launch her own business. Low self-confidence and poor mental wellbeing had previously caused Emma to doubt her own abilities, but with support from The Prince’s Trust she was able to realise her potential.  

"I had to leave my job as an intensive care nurse following a severe mental health breakdown. I researched self-employment, to work around my health needs and give back to causes close to my heart".

Emma showed incredible determination and self-belief to launch her art therapy-based business Piffy & Egg, after gaining support from The Prince's Trust Enterprise programme in Newcastle. She also provides wellbeing consultancy for workplaces with her company E Clarity Coaching.

Emma now represents The Prince’s Trust as a Young Ambassador and is helping The Prince’s Trust launch The Great Create, a new fundraising campaign to support the mental wellbeing of young people in the UK.

I got involved with The Great Create because I used arts and crafts to benefit my wellbeing following struggles with my own mental health, so I feel very strongly about the issue. The Great Create parties will bring people together; a huge part of wellbeing is feeling a sense of community.

"People can feel very isolated these days with so much of our lives spent online, so it’s important to have human contact. The Great Create parties also give people a mindful task that allows them to open up conversations with each other because they’re more relaxed."

At Emma’s The Great Create parties, she will be encouraging others to make Piffy & Egg’s signature copper craftwork pictures.