While the 25-year-old from Glasgow wanted to stay involved in the film sector, he felt it would be beneficial long-term if he learned new skills and decided to look for training opportunities that would lead to full-time work.

He decided to do a course on 3D printing and picked up some part-time jobs so he could study, pay his bills, and cover his course expenses.

But when the pandemic occurred and lockdown was announced, David found it hard to keep up with the rest of class when his studying moved online. His classmates had their own printers which meant they could experiment at home as well as complete the work to the best of their ability.

Feeling demotivated, David then heard about The Prince’s Trust Development Awards and realised he could get the help he needed to overcome this barrier and continue his learning. Unsure whether it would still be available during the pandemic, he reached out to The Trust who confirmed that he could receive funding to help him buy the equipment he needed to progress.

David said: “I got to point where I wanted to get away from just doing short-term work in the film industry to doing something more permanent. I decided to focus on learning about 3D printing as that would mean I could possibly stay connected to the film sector, but also work in other areas. Although I was surviving financially, the pandemic made things difficult. With no access to a printer at home I was starting to lag behind others in the class as I couldn’t physically create anything.

When I found out about the Development Awards I was so pleased that I was still able to access the support and I was delighted when I got funding that allowed me to buy the necessary equipment and material costs.

"Receiving this funding has given me the opportunity to create at home and further develop my 3D printing skills. I’ve started working on my own models and I’ve also used the time to reach out to companies within and around Glasgow for advice. I’m hopeful that the connections I’m generating will help me when I’m trying to find employment in this field. My plan now is to finish the course having mastered the basics, and more, of 3D printing and then break into the industry by securing full time employment in a job I enjoy.

These ambitions were almost lost before I applied for the Development Award so I’m really grateful for the opportunity it’s provided me.