Having struggled with his mental health, Daniel is passionate about raising awareness of mental health problems alongside climate change and the environment. Art has formed a crucial part of his recovery, giving him the headspace to focus his thoughts on creating something positive.

I was acting with the National Youth Theatre when my mental health began to decline really badly. I suffered from body dysmorphic disorder and became agoraphobic. I also had a heart operation when I was 19.

"However, art had always been therapeutic to me and when I discovered The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme, they helped me turn my passion into a business.

"I was nervous before starting the programme – being around new people and trying new things made me anxious but the course was inspiring and, when I finished, I became a Young Ambassador. It makes me so happy to be able to wake up, create artwork and work on my business knowing it’s raising awareness for important causes. It’s overwhelming to think about how far I’ve come.

"I got involved with The Great Create because I want to inspire others to be creative in their own homes. My pack allows people to paint a hedgehog using coffee and tea – so it’s also raising awareness of an endangered British animal. I think I’ll probably get some friends round and host my own Great Create party!

Arts and crafts are a form of meditation for me. They’re a way of focusing on something else and pushing thoughts onto a creative piece of work. Because of this, being artistic has had a positive effect on my mental health.

"In the future, I want to carry on creating collections of art and I’d love to have my own gallery. I’d like to travel around the world, sell pieces and raise awareness about endangered animals and about mental health. From someone who used to fear leaving the house, it’s pretty incredible that I can now imagine myself doing all these things."