"For around five years I was taking drugs and I was feeling insecure about my masculinity and the direction my life was taking," says Daniel.

"I felt like I hated myself and that I wasn’t where I thought I needed to be in terms of my career. I was confused in so many areas of my life and that led me to feel depressed over time."

Daniel had an idea but didn’t know how to make it viable. His friend had been on the Enterprise programme and encouraged him to sign up. Feeling unhappy about his life, Daniel saw Enterprise as a chance to change his future.

I had all these creative ideas about what I wanted my business to look like and do, but I didn’t know how to get it off the ground. To start something from nothing is quite scary but you have to be willing to put yourself out there.

"I was assigned a fantastic business mentor who helped me set out a plan of action for the year. I received so much emotional and personal support throughout the programme, which gave me confidence that I could make my business a success."

Following Enterprise, Daniel established his company Milk for Tea which delivers events aimed at bringing men together to talk about important issues such as mental health.

We’re planning a number of panel discussions this year where we want to encourage open discussions about masculinity and the pressures on men who may feel they have to act or be a certain way. Our first event will take place later this year.

Milk for Tea is all about community, spreading the word that men don’t have to feel alone if they are facing adversity.

“We want men to be open about their feelings and know there are people out there they can talk to and feel supported by,” adds Daniel.

When people try to knock you back and tell you that you can’t do something, it’s an amazing feeling when you meet people at The Prince’s Trust who make you believe anything is possible, and that’s the message I want to spread.