Cormac, 24, Livingston, was told by his Universal Credit advisor about a course The Trust was running in conjunction with West Lothian College - Get into Data Science.

Despite his lack of self-confidence Cormac excelled on the course and in interacting with other young people

Cormac said: “The process was very simple from being referred to starting the course. I felt like I had no purpose in life and I was excited to start something that I thought I would enjoy as well as developing life skills. During the course I not only developed these skills, but my mental health has also improved.

“At the beginning I felt that I did not have anything useful to offer to a team, and I was, and still am, dealing with depression which caused a lack of energy in my day-to-day life. I also have Asperger’s which makes it hard for me to understand somethings which made me feel like it would be hard for me to interact with others. The course allowed me to meet new people, the fun activities we did helped me to relax and the enthusiasm I felt for the subject helped me participate in group activities and make new friends.”

This newfound confidence and interest in the subject led to Cormac to apply and gain a place at West Lothian College to do a HNC, which he hopes will lead to further education and an apprenticeship.

The Prince’s Trust has helped me to boost my confidence allowing me to learn a topic that I have greatly enjoyed and helped me to pursue that subject even beyond the programme. I was provided with the tools, knowledge and support needed to further my education.

“Everyone I have met on the programme have been very friendly and it was a great environment.”