Colette suffered from poor mental health and at times couldn’t leave the house or do basic tasks like cooking. This affected her ability to work and so she had no work experience and felt it was impossible for her to get a job.

Feeling more and more anxious about meeting new people and travelling to new places due to the pandemic, she felt lost and unsure what she wanted to do in future.

When she saw a video online showing her friend and how The Trust helped him set up his own business, Colette decided to send a message on Facebook asking for help.

After some one-to-one chats with her dedicated keyworker Louise, Colette decided that a positive step to take would be to engage with Mindset, a mental wellbeing service that is delivered inhouse at The Prince’s Trust in Glasgow. After working on her anxiety, Colette felt ready to attend online personal and social development sessions to improve her confidence and communication skills.

She said: “I have Asperger’s Syndrome which means I do get anxious about meeting new people and after experiencing bullying I get nervous about how others will react to me. But with the help of my keyworker I slowly pushed myself out of my comfort zone and soon I was not only enjoying the sessions but connecting to the other young people and contributing to the discussions.

Although I was nervous, I really enjoyed the Wellbeing session and found it interesting to learn how the brain deals with fear. I realised that I’m not alone in feeling anxious and that helped me talk up about my experiences, first in the chat sidebar and then by speaking. I enjoyed meeting new people and working with them in the group activities. I feel now that I overcame my lack of confidence and experience when it comes to group sessions and I’m proud of myself.

Now Colette is keen to build on her increased confidence by focusing on her employability skills as she doesn’t have an up-to-date CV. She is working with her keyworker on her CV, cover letter and job applications as well as continuing to take part in online group work.

She added: “It’s been a stressful time for me but I now feel more positive about my future and I’m ready to take the next steps so I can keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone. With the help of The Trust I’m now enthusiastic about doing more online sessions and setting my job goals.”