Charlotte comes from a sleepy town called Minehead, inspired from an early age by the fashion industry, she worked as an apprentice gaining her hairdressing qualification and followed her desire to travel, resulting in a dream job within the industry in Darwin, Australia.

Charlotte fell in love, fell pregnant and following complications in both childbirth and her relationship after a number of huge moves around the globe with her baby, Charlotte moved to Ireland.

Charlotte fell pregnant with her second child, but later experienced the pain of losing her baby. Aware of her partner following an unacceptable path in life, Charlotte then arrived in the UK with nothing; no money, no belongings and no home. Many would have given up on life never mind their career dreams at this point, but Charlotte kept on going.

Charlotte experienced the challenges of depression, and battles with a lack of self-worth. She had no confidence and had an inability to communicate, following her return back to the UK. She was forced to apply and rely upon the government benefit system for help, which was hard, as she had always worked.

Feeling like she had failed in life by claiming benefits, Charlotte had not been able to feed herself or her child due to the 7 week wait for her first benefit payment and a 3 month wait for her first child benefit payment. This resulted in her increased depressive state of mind.

Charlotte has expressed how The Prince’s Trust saved her life, by providing support and a relevant, course that would offer hope, build confidence and aid her ability as a broken woman to reengage with life. The Prince’s Trust even ensured it was all possible for Charlotte by helping with the cost of child care.

The Prince’s Trust has opened amazing opportunities for me and they give the up most support you could ever ask for; they have a way of shining that light at the end of the tunnel. Fran my Business Mentor is just the warmest person that makes sense of the jumble of ideas I have in my head and she understands what I mean, even when I don't. She is an amazing person who has given me the best amount of support and encouragement I could ever dream of.

The Prince’s Trust turned Charlotte’s life around, helping her believe in her dreams of business once again. Charlotte started the progression onto the Explore Enterprise programme and worked with a Trust representative to develop a business plan. The Trust eventually assigned to Charlotte to her Business Mentor Fran Deeley.

“When I first met Charlotte she had been trying to build up a hairdressing business from home which was not working for many reasons. I was inspired by Charlotte’s history, challenges and ability to bounce back. Charlotte’s desire to build her own funds rather than use any Trust loan options to enable her to develop her own business was equally inspiring. Charlotte’s passion for the industry is infectious.

I have literary just had the easiest most rewarding job ever in mentoring and turning an inspirational woman's idea into a reality.

“Following my knowledge of the industry, Charlotte despite her severe learning difficulties, has overcome her fears yet again to secure a chair rent position within a busy salon, building up a client base very quickly. Charlotte also supports her salon owner with training and is currently working towards an accredited VTCT Business Qualification to ensure a solid knowledge of running a productive and successful business.

“Charlotte started her journey as a single mother with only what she stood up in but because of the Trust, she now lives in a lovely flat with her little boy, building up her own business and finally finding herself again.

Charlotte is becoming a stronger, better person thanks to the support of those around her. She kicks down barriers and reaches her ambitions in life with her positive can do attitude. 

"Charlotte expressed to me that some people don’t realise the positive impact that they have in people’s lives’, even something so small can make a difference and she is forever grateful for all those people she has met and who have helped her along the way.

"Me, I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with such an inspirational young woman and the opportunity to feel a sense of reward in my life.

I'm grateful to the Trust for trusting and offering me the chance to be inspired and to inspire, support and direct others.”

- Fran Deeley, PT Business Mentor