Chantelle, 24, Sheffield, South Yorkshire experienced a difficult upbringing. Her mother struggled with depression and was admitted to hospital multiple times.

Chantelle felt alienated from her peers and felt she had to fend for herself. In 2010 Chantelle was the victim of a horrific crime when she was raped by a man posing as a taxi driver. The resulting court case was a traumatic experience for Chantelle and left her with extreme paranoia.

Chantelle says:

I remember once I hid under the bed when the window cleaner came, because my brain had convinced me it was one of the rapist’s friends coming to kill me.

In an effort to numb the pain, Chantelle self harmed and drank excessively. Life began to improve when she secured work with a large retailer, but within six months the company went into administration and Chantelle was unemployed.

Determined to find a new career, Chantelle approached The Prince’s Trust and signed up for Get into Customer Service, a programme delivered in partnership with HSBC, providing unemployed young people the skills and experience they need to find work in the industry.

The programme transformed Chantelle's perceptions of herself; she made friends, grew in confidence and gained permanent employment with HSBC. 

Chantelle says:

When I got the job at HSBC I felt like I was dreaming!

Shortly afterwards, Chantelle was invited to become a Prince's Trust Young Ambassador. At each event she spoke at, Chantelle bravely conveyed her story with a level of honesty and raw emotion that resulted in standing ovations. Never reading from a script, Chantelle highlighted in a very visible way exactly how life-changing Prince’s Trust programmes can be.

Chantelle says:

"I’m proud of how far I’ve come. As a Young Ambassador I had the power and the platform to show young people that they don't have to be a statistic and that there are people out there like The Prince’s Trust who want to help them be everything they can be." 

Because of The Trust, I’ve got a job. But my job means more to me than nine-to-five. It means I’ve got a career, I’ve got stability and I’ve got pride. It’s an amazing feeling.