“Working full time as a security guard and running a fashion business was quite difficult and as a result of that I outsourced all of my designs to a seamstress. Just before COVID hit I’d resigned as a permanent member of staff and became a casual employee, to give myself some flexibility.

“During this period of inactivity I started to feel lost and not sure about what I wanted to do or where my life was going. It felt like everything came to a halt. With time to think, I realised that my business could be my new focus. I had pattern cutting and design skills, so decided I would refresh my designs and start sewing the garments myself. Chanel-Monét received £1,300 from the relief fund to buy a sewing machine and overlocker.

The funding has enabled me to focus all my energy into my clothing business, which is great, as it’s so close to my heart.

Sustainability is at the centre of all my designs, from the fabrics that I use, to the way in which the garments have interchangeable elements. “I’m so grateful that I now have the time to concentrate on something I love and that I now have the energy to move forward with my business.”