Removed from lessons for her own safety and that of others, former A-grade student Caitlin, 18, from Southampton, saw her behaviour spiral so badly out of control, the police were called into school on four separate occasions. 

She suffered with ADHD, dyslexia and mental health issues, and was once escorted from school grounds in restraints after suffering a breakdown. 

Caitlin experienced panic attacks, was scared to leave the house without carrying a knife, used substances and self-harm as an escape, and attempted suicide several times.

“I had no life, no purpose, no self-worth I didn't get out of bed, didn't do anything. I didn't care if I lived or died.”

A referral from a local Trust saw Cait join a programme from The Prince’s Trust that improves the confidence of disadvantaged young people. It took a lot for Cait to walk through the door of The Trust, but after that, she didn’t look back.

She began working with Southampton Rape Crisis, secured a part time job as a children’s party host and then completed Team, another programme from The Prince’s Trust that builds the confidence and employability skills of young people. 

Filled with hope and determined to succeed in life, Cait decided to re-sit her GCSEs and successfully applied for a Development Award (a Prince’s Trust grant which helps young people pay for the equipment or training they need to get a job) to buy a laptop so she could complete her studies at her own pace.

Cait is now in a much happier, healthier place and is working part-time now as a lifeguard and is studying to teach at the leisure centre where she works.

Cait is a brave young woman who is rightly proud of what she has achieved. She hopes to become a Prince’s Trust Young Ambassador before finding work in pastoral support.

The Prince’s Trust helped me get my life back – and now I am finally happy.