Without a clear career path and unsure about how to get a stable career, Brooke was lacking in confidence. Both her mother and grandmother died within three months of each other, and Brooke says she “struggled with little everyday things” and that “life was really difficult”.

Brooke knew that she needed support as she felt she was “in a rut which I couldn’t get out of”, so when a Prince’s Trust Team Leader phoned her to tell her about the Team programme, she was excited to join in.

The biggest challenge for Brooke on the 12-week Team programme was pushing herself out of her comfort zone, making phone calls and talking to new people at the beginning of the programme. Naturally quite shy, Brooke overcame many barriers and gained a lot of confidence on the programme.

If I could tell someone about getting involved with The Trust, I would tell them to leap at the opportunity! It opens more doors and chances than ever imaginable, and it will help you gain valuable skills that you will use for the rest of your life. It is a life-long friend who will help you through the good and the bad. I honestly don’t think there is a more rewarding and beneficial programme than The Prince’s Trust Team Programme.

Brooke is currently on an apprenticeship programme, studying Engineering Level 3. She hopes to eventually complete a Higher National Certificate and go to University. She also plays football and rugby for her county, after working very hard to achieve this.

She credits The Trust with helping her decide on a career path that would help her progress and use her skills. She works hard and tries to continually push for bigger and better things.

Brooke says, “I am not really quite sure where I would be now if it wasn’t for The Trust, but I know I wouldn’t be the best version of me without it. I don’t think I would have taken that next step and pushed myself to achieve a great career”.

In 2018-19, Brooke was a Prince’s Trust Young Ambassador in the East of England and represented The Trust at many events.