Boeing is committed to inspiring and preparing the next generation of leaders and innovators. The partnership with The Prince’s Trust is a key part of their community strategy, helping harness the natural curiosity of young people to show how science and engineering can help solve real-world problems.

We asked Sir Martin Donnelly, president of Boeing Europe and managing director of Boeing UK and Ireland about the impact of our partnership and why providing educational opportunities for young people is important.

Why do you think this partnership has stood the test of time?

As partners we understand each other and work effectively together to achieve our mutual goals of supporting young people to succeed in life. Through our partnership, we both want to have a positive impact, think long term and always be open minded on what we can achieve together. It’s great to be able to tap into The Trust’s expertise and think innovatively through aligned goals. 

Why is supporting young people into education so important?

As a company with over 150,000 staff members worldwide and with 2,500 in the UK alone, we understand that bringing diversity together is key to making us successful. It’s our duty as a global company to take away barriers for young people. By supporting education through The Prince’s Trust, we’re able to do our part to tackle this important issue.  

For Boeing, we can’t afford to let our young people down and we understand that education is a vital element to ensuring that young people succeed in life.

We truly believe that through our partnership, The Trust gives opportunities and enables young people to grow self-confidence. 

What does The Trust's Achieve programme offer young people that stands out to you?

It’s our duty as industry leaders to develop young people. By supporting The Trust’s Achieve programme, I believe we take great strides in accomplishing our duty in this area. What stands out for me is how the Achieve programme enables young people to reach their full potential. This is done by offering them a huge number of opportunities to get early experiences of potential careers they might want to pursue.  For me, the Achieve programme plays a key part in raising aspirations and ultimately playing a role in creating a richer and diverse workforce.  

What has been the most inspirational highlight you’ve had since supporting The Trust and our Achieve programme?

For me, it would be seeing the impact The Trust has in supporting young people.  

Over the 15 years of our partnership, it’s also clear to see that the partnership has had a positive impact for Boeing staff. They have come together through fundraising drives, shared values and volunteering which is fantastic.  

Why do you think partnerships like ours are so important?

For over a century now, Boeing has followed the principle that we don’t just prosper by being good at work but by also giving back. We have a rich culture of supporting causes at a local level and by recognising our responsibilities as a global citizen.  

We want to be a wider force for good in society and it’s through partnerships like ours that allows us to have that impact. It enables us to support young people across the country in a flexible and accessible way. While allowing us to meet our mutual objective of supporting young people to progress onto higher education or employment. 

This is something we want to do more of and it’s partnerships like ours that can make this possible.

Boeing is extremely proud of our partnership and what we’ve achieved together. We look forward to working with The Prince’s Trust for many more years to come.

 - Sir Martin Donnelly, president of Boeing Europe and managing director of Boeing UK