Ben struggled with authority at an early age and, with a desire to work in music, left school at 15 to pursue his dreams in the industry. First enrolling on a work experience programme at a local music studio, where he soon developed a keen interest in the technical side of music production.

Showing off his entrepreneurial tendencies early on, Ben took what he had learnt and set up a home studio, producing music, beats and samples and sold them online to artists and companies. Ben also set up a series of successful music events at local clubs and, on top of his blossoming online business, the cash soon started rolling in.
As a talented young beatboxer and DJ, Ben was also snapped up by a touring agency and toured Europe extensively. Things were going well but temptation soon reared its ugly head. It was a case of too much too soon and, lured in by the seedier side of the music industry, he found himself making some bad choices. 

By the time he turned twenty, Ben was sick and tired of his lifestyle and sick and tired of wasting his creativity, talent and desire. Realising no one was going to make the change for him, he made a promise to himself that by the time he turned twenty-one, he would have turned his life around for good. And, against the odds, Ben kept that promise.
He knuckled down and worked hard, paying his dues with odd jobs, all the time saving money for his dream. At this point, Ben also approached The Prince’s Trust and was soon enrolled on their Enterprise scheme, backed by Natwest.  He was encouraged to write a business plan which he did. It worked - a month later, Ben was awarded the maximum loan available of £3,000 to help him get his ideas of the ground. Ben was also matched with Trust mentor David Klaasen. David supported Ben through a series of monthly meetings over a one year period, consulting him on staff hires and office management.  
In 2007, using the money he’d been awarded, Ben put together Prime Loops Ltd. He designed the website look and product covers himself. He contacted websites, artists and blogs. He sat down with website developers. And, with his heart burning with desire and his head swimming with ideas, Ben locked himself away for a whole year, creating hundreds of sounds and uploading them to his website, gearing up for the big launch. Sacrificing his social life, Ben worked seven days a week, fourteen hours a day, focused on one end goal: success.
Still, he felt nervous as well. What if it all came to nothing? What if the website was a huge failure? But despite these doubts, Ben stayed focused and kept believing. He kept working on his dream and with the ongoing advice and support of David launched the site in 2008.
Ben still remembers launch night:
"I was so nervous that it was going to be a huge flop. I stayed up all night, just waiting for that first sale to flash up on my system. And when it did, I was absolutely ecstatic. I did about three laps of my bedroom and had to sit down. It was amazing. I’m so glad I kept going and didn’t give up."
Prime Loops was a huge success and Ben soon realised he had a fully-fledged business on his hands. He moved to London, set up an office and music studio and nine months later, Prime Loops had become one of the leaders in the field. Prime Loops’ samples have been used by everyone from bedroom musicians to Lady Gaga, Skrillex, Beyoncé and Chris Brown. And Ben can now say his dream of working in the music industry has become a reality.
Prime Loops has continued to grow, becoming a massive success with a turnover in the millions.  The success has allowed Ben to take more of a chairman and consultancy role (although he’s still not afraid to get his hands dirty when needed), having appointed an MD and employing a team of over 50 freelancers and in-house staff.
Understanding the power of mentoring first-hand, Ben is now focussing his time on mentoring new start-ups and coaching new music talent. He is a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts and is taking up a number of board, advisory and consultancy positions with charities and organisations such as Key Changes, Youth Music and more.
He has also reconnected with The Prince’s Trust and is currently in the process of becoming an Enterprise mentor, hoping to support young people like himself in achieving their dreams.
"A key motivation for me personally, and one thing that kept me going, is the thought of going back to the lifestyle I had before. In fact, it keeps me going to this day.”  Ben Jay, CEO of Sound Nation & Prime Loops."