Baseer Khan-Omarkhil, from Leicester, does not know to this day what sudden catastrophe hit his family and caused them to send him, in the care of an adult, on a long, treacherous journey.

His life has been spent tending livestock in rural Afghanistan but now the vulnerable young boy found himself crossing continents on his own, constantly wondering where his family were and if they were safe. The experience had a lasting effect on Baseer.

He arrived in England a frightened and angry boy, in an unfamiliar country, facing many uncertainties. He had very little education before coming to the UK, but he wanted to learn and knew he needed help. This help came from The Prince's Trust.

Speaking very little English, he joined the Achieve programme which helps young people who are struggling at school, giving them the confidence and motivation to succeed. As he progressed through the programme, Baseer's confidence grew and his natural leadership skills began to emerge. 

This was key to completing group tasks. Baseer organsied and ran the group activities, with support from other members of the group, demonstrating eagerness for it to be a success.

In lessons he would regularly complete his work and spend time helping other students to complete their work.

It is incredible to think how things have changed for me since I arrived in England. Thanks to The Prince's Trust, my English is improving. I have plans for my future and I am going to make a success of my life.

Baseer has always been a keen cricketer and plays for the school team. He was soon given the role of Team Captain and he now leads the team for regular training sessions and in matches.

Baseer has successfully achieved his Prince's Trust Level 1 qualification and is currently working towards his GCSE exams. He plans to build a career in carpentry or motor mechanics, move into his own flat and continue to develop the independent life skills he has learnt on the Achieve programme.