“I’ve had to stop trading temporarily, because my main source of income is teaching pottery classes, which has had a severe impact on the business. I’m looking at possibly delivering classes online, but I haven’t figured out how to proceed with that yet, as the online content market is pretty saturated.”

In these challenging times, Attila is turning to his mentor Philip for support.

“We recently had an online meeting where we discussed my current finances and possible government support for the self-employed. Philip encouraged me to consider developing some online content and talked about the importance of staying focused and concentrating on things that are within my control.”

To get to this point, Attila benefitted from two sources of support from The Prince’s Trust over the past three years: mentoring and financial assistance. 

My main mentor now is Phillip, who I talk to once a month. He helps me prepare for business meetings, advises me on formal applications as well as social media and strategy. Phillip is always there to guide me in the right direction."

Attila received a loan from The Prince’s Trust after completing the Enterprise programme to help with his pottery business. Attila explained:

“I would have been in a very difficult position without this funding. Because my business is equipment heavy, it allowed me to invest in the necessary tools and kit out my pottery studio. I feel positive that my business can get through this and it’s great to see much needed support out there for businesses like mine. It will make a real difference.”