It's fitting that we're commemorating this partnership in August, the month when we celebrate International Youth Day. This global event focuses on recognising young people's potential and amplifying their voices and talent - all of which is at the heart of our partnership.

We know that young people are one of the groups most impacted by Covid-19. With 69% of young people stating that they feel their life is on hold due to the pandemic, and 89% reporting a deterioration in their mental health due to lockdown, the critical role played by The Prince's Trust with the support of partners like ASOS has never been more important. Together, we're committed to helping young people get back on their feet. 

About our partnership

Since 2010, the ASOS Foundation has helped The Prince's Trust reach close to 50,000 young people through engaging digital content. Together, we've supported more than 600 young people through creative, interactive programmes and we've helped 40 young people secure roles at ASOS in Fashion, Tech and Customer Care.

Not only did I expand my knowledge of the technology industry, but I also regained my confidence and self-belief. Something I'll never forget was receiving a great reception after my end of course presentation, when I stood in a room full of ASOS employees and talked about my journey. Thank you ASOS and Prince's Trust for allowing me to grow into the confident and self-believing person I am today, you were there for me whenever I had any doubts.

Mark, Associate Quality Engineer at ASOS

Through these programmes, young people continue to gain STEM and Creative skills, from coding to understanding a product's life cycle, and knowing the value of a brand voice to developing customer service skills. Each programme is delivered by ASOS talent, with over 525 ASOS volunteers delivering a total of 878 hours of workshops. This commitment from ASOS' employees was recognised at The Prince's Trust Partnership Awards 2018, when ASOS took home the Prince's Trust Service to Young People Award.

The element of my role where I get to support The Prince's Trust and young people has honestly been one of the most enjoyable and proudest parts of my job, because you can see the value and importance it has. It really has been something I've cared about very much, and I've felt very lucky to be involved.

Rachael, ASOS volunteer

In 2017, we celebrated a fantastic £1million fundraising milestone and since then the ASOS Foundation has continued to raise vital funds so that we can deliver even more for young people.

Looking to the future

As we recognise this important milestone in our partnership, we're now looking ahead at how we can continue to help more young people create a successful future. Due to the effect of Covid-19, young people now need our help more than ever. We're glad to count on the ASOS Foundation's continued support, as well as generously donating to The Prince's Trust Young People Relief Fund, ASOS has developed a virtual Customer Care programme designed to develop young people's skills in customer service and increase their employability. 

As we mark our tenth year in partnership, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone at ASOS for your endless support, creativity and energy to help change young lives.