Asher and her boyfriend were childhood sweethearts. Two years ago, her boyfriend was assaulted and their world changed forever. Asher turned to her love of poetry to get through this difficult time. Now, with the help of Talent Match, she’s a signed music artist.

Asher and her boyfriend had been together many years. He was a budding photographer and Asher was a self-confessed ‘book worm’ and loved writing poetry in her own time. They both got places at university in London and were full of hope for the future. 

In October 2015, Asher’s boyfriend returned home to mark the one-year anniversary of his mother’s passing. When out in Leicester, he was attacked. Asher got a message from the police asking for her to call immediately. He’d been taken into hospital with life-threatening head injuries and required surgery to reduce the swelling on his brain. Asher rushed back to be with him and found him on life support and in intensive care.

Whilst her boyfriend received critical care, she was put in touch with Headway, who work with patients and their families to improve life after brain injury. Speaking to them almost daily, they answered her questions and sent someone to support her in the hospital. As a coping mechanism, Asher turned to her love of poetry, jotting down words and phrases inspired by her boyfriend’s favourite things, which she later turned into a poem.

Two months later and once he was discharged, Asher became a full-time carer to her boyfriend who still had to wear a protective helmet, had developed epilepsy and still struggled with basic tasks. They had to move into a council flat to cope with his recovery. Asher started with really bad anxiety, worrying about her boyfriend’s every move. 

Once he was more independent, Asher felt she’d lost her confidence and social skills. She’d taken nearly two years out of her life, but knew she wanted to get her life back on track. A friend who had seen her poetry put her in touch with HQ Recording Studio. Here she was offered enrollment on to the Talent Match programme where she was given one-to-one support from her mentor, Yasin.

When I started with Talent Mach, I was suffering a lot with anxiety and was really paranoid, always thinking the worst would happen. I was worried about my own health too. Talent Match helped me slowly start building up confidence and my social skills again and made me realise my interests and passions.

Yasin helped Asher address her feelings, they spoke about her poetry. He suggested turning it into a song, something she hadn’t considered. Initially anxious, she slowly built up her confidence with the help of the Talent Match mentoring sessions and decided to give it a go. Once she had recorded it, she was really pleased with the results. Yasin also offered to sign her as a music artist ‘Asher X’ on his new music label.

With renewed confidence, Asher and her boyfriend enrolled back at university, returning to their courses to finish their studies. Both are doing really well and have moved back to London to their old flat. Asher’s record, ‘True Romance’ launched on iTunes this month and on Bandcamp. All proceeds raised from the sale of the song will be donated to Headway, the charity that helped her and her boyfriend. Becoming a music artist has allowed Asher to explore her creative passions and renew her confidence. She hopes her story will go some way to helping highlight how one action can change a life forever.   

Asher said:

Although I’m a music artist, deep-down, I’m really a poet. My hopes for the future now are that I want my words to shine, whether that is with music in the background or just on their own in a poem format.