“I’ve never been the most confident speaking to new people, so I joined The Prince’s Trust Team programme mainly for my confidence, and to get new skills and opportunities.”

Team is a 12-week personal development course run by The Prince’s Trust to help young people develop new skills, take a qualification and meet new people. Young people on Team take part in a community project, work experience and develop their interview and CV skills.

Anthony was then pointed in the direction of a Prince’s Trust employability programme called Get Started with NHS Business Administration Apprenticeships.

“I’ve been in the Army Reserves since January. I’ve been wanting to work for the NHS since I did a first aid course in the Army that I enjoyed. I didn’t know if I had the grades to get in, so I thought joining through the apprenticeship was a good route.

“In the Get Started programme we worked on our interview skills and CVs and has the chance to speak to NHS staff about what the role involved.”

Anthony successfully secured an NHS Business Administration Apprenticeship at the end of the course.

Team boosted my confidence and helped me get on with the NHS job interview. I didn’t put much work into school, but I worked hard at Team and Get Started, and now I’ve got a job at the end of it. I’ve realised that if you work hard at what you do you get better results at the end. I’m excited to start working again after a while not doing much.