Two years ago Anissa, took part in our Get into Retail programme with Gap. Since then she's been promoted to Key Holder and now supports young people who have been taking part in the Manchester programmes.

"I moved to the UK when I was 19. Moving wasn’t easy to start with; I was living in temporary accommodation, in quite a disruptive environment, with people living there who were taking drugs and partying. It was a tricky place to live.

"I was feeling really low and facing depression after this experience and, on top of this, facing a number of setbacks in trying to find work.

"The Prince’s Trust helped me by getting me out of the rut I was stuck in. I wasn’t feeling very positive about finding work but the team supported me and gave me the opportunity to work with Gap. 

Working at Gap really has changed my life. I've made lots of friends working in-store. I realised I had a passion for customer service and loved helping people.

"I found that Gap was a company where I could progress so I worked towards becoming a Key Holder. Having the team believe in me and give me keys to the store really boosted my confidence too. I now also get the opportunity to work on the Get into Retail programmes with other young people, helping bring out their confidence and build their employability skills. 

I am happier now than I have ever been. My confidence has grown so much and feel much more calm and stable in my life. I feel really optimistic about the future. Going on this programme has been the best decision I've ever made!