"The way I feel about life now is completely different to before. Not only do I feel healthier and happier, I feel more resilient and enjoy being with surrounded by people as a volunteer in my local community." 

"Being my mum’s carer as a teenager was tough and I felt isolated, which only got worse when she passed away. This led to self-harming and suicide attempts because I didn’t see any future for myself."

"But I knew I had to engage with the outside world if I wanted things to improve. I took part in Explore programme which gave me the chance to make small steps of progress. I then took part in Team which really signaled the start of my improved mental health."

"I could feel myself becoming more confident and resilient, but it was during the Get into Health and Social Care with Keane that I realised that the skills I had learned as my mum’s carer could be used in a work environment."

"I was able to use all this in a really positive way to help others. I started working part-time but my dad suffered a major stroke so I’ve taken time away to become his main carer. Although this has been hard, I feel better equipped to deal with the responsibility and I know that once he recovers, I’m in a much better place to get another job." 

The Prince’s Trust has helped me to develop the resilience to face life’s challenges and given me a support network I know I can always go back to. I don’t feel alone this time.

Amy is now volunteering at her local Housing Association and is part of the young group
helping to host events for the local public. This new environment is having a hugely positive
impact on her life. 

She also won a Prince's Trust Award in Scotland in 2019.