A troubled childhood, where she experienced the breakdown of relationships at home led to Alisha, 24, from Tremorfa, Cardiff, having behavioral issues both in and out of school.

She was deliberately confrontational in lessons and started to truant regularly.

Excluded over 20 times, she eventually left school with no qualifications.  

Alisha’s life continued to deteriorate. She found herself homeless and moved into a hostel. During this time, she was smoking cannabis which led to anxiety and low self-esteem. 
By the age of 23, she had been unemployed for seven years.

I was losing all hope. I didn’t think anyone would give me a chance.

Then one day, her Jobcentre Plus Advisor told her about The Prince’s Trust and the Get into Retail programme, which helps unemployed young people find a job in the retail industry. 

The opportunity to join the course at Tesco was the chance Alisha needed and she enrolled. She gave it her all, demonstrating a ‘can-do’ attitude and being extremely helpful to customers and colleagues alike. The transformation was stark.

On completion, Tesco offered Alisha a 16 hour contract. Then after seven months, she was offered additional hours. 

Alisha has turned her life around completely and is positive towards her future. She has a routine which she enjoys and a salary which has enabled her to move into a flat.  Her mental health and well-being has improved dramatically.

Thank you Prince’s Trust for giving me the opportunity. It has totally changed my life and I am extremely grateful for simply giving me that chance when no one else would. You made me believe in myself and I no longer feel worthless.