From the age of 15 Alex was bullied at school. This experience knocked his confidence, resulting in a stammer, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. Although he completed his fine art degree he still lacked direction and felt lost and alone, especially when he saw his peers flourishing in their chosen careers.

While unemployed, Alex was introduced to The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme, it was an opportunity to get the support he needed to start his art business and get his career and life back on track.

I knew I had a talent, but I wasn’t very good at organising things or managing finances. To think I have my own business now is really quite incredible. I’m a professional artist and it’s great!

It’s quite scary to think where I’d be without The Prince’s Trust. Before I found them I was very depressed and had no direction. They saw the spark, they gave me hope and they believed in me. I’m so grateful for the doors they’ve helped me to open, and when I was asked to become a Young Ambassador I knew this was a way I could give back.

I’m really pleased that I’m also now involved with The Great Create project, as mental health and art therapy are extremely important to me. It has helped me get through day to day. It’s also a great opportunity for me to share my positive thoughts on this area, while also offering an activity for people to enjoy.

The parties are a great way for people that would not normally see themselves as being creative diving into something fun and engaging, which can be done alone or in groups! It a fantastic way to meet people.

It doesn’t matter which walk of life you come from, everyone has their own issues and experiences that can derail them. The Prince’s Trust understands and sees the potential in all young people – and this is another way for young people to get involved and create in a relaxed way.

Alex has exhibited and sold his art internationally, in the USA, Moscow and Japan and closer to home at the Saatichi Gallery in London.