“I was working in a factory at the start of the pandemic but was made redundant, which was unfortunate because I hadn’t been there long. I was originally put on furlough leave which I couldn’t stand either, as I hate not having a routine. 

“My friends and family were still working when I was on furlough and then made redundant. That made things even worse because I was alone in not doing anything productive. It was really frustrating.” 

Alex then found out about The Prince’s Trust’s Get into Hospital Services programme, a four week work placement.

I’ve always wanted to work in the NHS, but I’ve never found the right path to get into it. I didn’t feel I had some of the qualifications for it. When I heard about the Get Into Hospital Services course, I couldn’t believe it. I was quite shocked to find such an amazing programme, as I’ve always found it a challenge to get into the NHS. 

“In a way, being made redundant helped me to find my path. There are so many interesting jobs in the health sector beyond being a doctor on logistical side of things that I want to do.” 

 Since signing up for the programme, Alex has recommended The Prince’s Trust to his friends.

“I know lots of people who have lost their jobs. There are opportunities out there for young people, you just have to find out what you want to do. 

“At The Prince’s Trust, you get an answer straight away which is really different to applying to lots of jobs and hearing nothing back. Everyone wants you to do well and all the support workers are so enthusiastic. I think the programme I did was great and everyone I spoke to was incredible. I feel very lucky.”