“This is a really challenging time for the NHS staff and while they’re doing an amazing job, they need all the support they can get. I’m confident that with the skills and experience I took from my placement with The Prince’s Trust, I can support the staff voluntarily whether that’s by carrying out their patient observations or by helping with mealtimes. These were tasks that I carried out regularly during my placement but I’m sure there will be loads of learning to do when I get there too which is something I’m looking forward to."

Many NHS staff can’t work from home like a lot of people. It’s important that we make sure that they are well looked-after so they can look after the patients to the best of their ability. The more hands on deck – the better!

Before starting the Get Into Healthcare programme, Adam was studying computer science and neuroscience at university. Unfortunately, he became ill and was hospitalised, which resulted in him cutting his education short and coming home to recover. Back in his hometown of Wolverhampton, Adam began volunteering in a Compton Care charity shop and was actively looking for work. It was during one of his visits to the Job Centre where he saw The Prince’s Trust’s Get Into Healthcare programme advertised. 

"My placement was in a stroke rehabilitation ward, working there was a truly eye-opening experience. The best part by far was watching the patients make improvements. I witnessed them regaining their independence through actions such as brushing their teeth and I knew that I had played a part in their recovery. It was so rewarding.”

The effects of the COVID-19 outbreak can be seen across the UK and through his volunteering work and his homelife, Adam is very aware of what can be done to help. 

“It’s really scary. I’m following guidance and self-isolating when I can but it’s not so easy for some people. My nan, who loves to go out to socialise, is at home alone and unable to pick up her own shopping. Luckily, she’s got support around her, but some people don’t. I think a big issue that the elderly is facing is social isolation and it can seriously impact on their wellbeing."

“I’ve signed up for a service that helps me to find volunteering opportunities in my local area. They send you a text if support is needed in your local area and you can help with anything from providing basic supplies to sharing public health messages.”

Adam is one of a group of young people from The Prince’s Trust who have volunteered to offer their skills, time and experience to their local hospital. The COVID-19 has put enormous pressure on the NHS, who are doing all they can to keep the country healthy.