The young people decided that they wanted to make a difference and soon put together a plan to create the boxes that feature rice, soups and lots of other essentials, as part of their teamwork module.

The pupils planned the budget for each package and thought carefully about the products that would be useful. They have also included personalised notes to recipients to make them smile and improve their wellbeing. The Achieve Leader reached out to her local Parish Council, as a member, to see who would benefit most.

The Bilbrough Country Classroom, an independent school where the pupils attend, have supported the young people by purchasing the items on their behalf and will deliver the boxes, while following government guidelines.

Rebecca Davison, Achieve Leader at The Bilbrough Country Classroom, said:

Young people can be so resilient and, even throughout so much change, the Achieve pupils were certain that they wanted to help others that might be alone or can’t leave the house. It has brought them together and it will be a lovely surprise to those that receive vital goods.