Accenture is committed to combating youth unemployment through its Skills to Succeed initiative, which has equipped more than 800,000 people around the world with the skills to get a job or build a business. Over the years, Accenture has made a lasting contribution to our work, partly with financial support but also through volunteering, employee fundraising and pro bono consulting work.

In 2012, Accenture became a key strategic partner on our Get into employability programme, which helps disadvantaged young people to develop skills relevant to a specific sector. As a direct result of this partnership, more than 16,000 young people have developed their employability and entrepreneurial skills, and the programmes have directly helped 7,780 young people move into work or build a business.

Over the last four years, 500+ Accenture employees have spent more than 4,100 hours volunteering with The Prince’s Trust to improve young people’s employability skills through workshops, business mentoring and training on our Get into programmes.

Employees have also been involved in fundraising, through events such as the Palace to Palace cycling challenge. In 2015, they raised £85,000 for us through this challenge alone, winning our Blazing Saddles Corporate Employee Award for the second year running.

Accenture’s pro bono consulting work for The Trust has been invaluable and extensive; including strategic reviews of our programmes, as well as assessing future opportunities in specific priority sectors.

Accenture is also, like us, a founding partner of Movement to Work, a collaboration of UK employers committed to tackling youth unemployment through the provision of vocational training and work placements for young people who are not in education, employment or training.

Camilla Drejer, Director of Corporate Citizenship, Accenture UK & Ireland said:

We are so proud of our partnership with The Prince’s Trust. Together we have helped change the lives of thousands of young people. It’s a partnership which truly works for our business, for our employees, and most importantly for young people who need support all over the UK.

Going forward, Accenture continues to invest time and resource into updating and up-scaling our employability programmes  so we can maximise the number of disadvantaged young people moving into the world of work.

Here are just a few of the ways Accenture is making a difference:

  • Working to boost the number of young people employed within the technology and health care sectors, as these areas are likely to face critical skills or personnel shortages in the near future
  • Helping us to identify ways to deliver programmes at scale as well at continuing to roll out Get into programmes
  • Supporting wide-scale one-to-one mentoring to help those young people struggling the most to find and sustain jobs, even if they are not immediately successful in securing work
  • Creating specialist workbooks and online learning platforms to help disadvantaged young people across the UK to build their employability skills and scale their businesses