Earlier this year ŠKODA launched our new partnership at a secret gig in Hackney with leading UK artist and Prince's Trust Celebrity Ambassador Paloma Faith.

Fans, including Young Ambassador Alex Deeley from Norfolk, were the first to hear Paloma’s live performance of the classic hit song, 'Make Your Own Kind of Music'.

The evening raised awareness of ŠKODA’s 'Driver’s Seat Initiative', which empowers Prince's Trust young people to embrace their individuality by giving them the opportunity to shape their own future and make a positive impact in their local community. 

Across the four courses young people worked hard to create their own projects, build confidence, gain skills, and collaborate to explore and answer some of the pressing questions facing young people today.

The courses kicked off with the fantastic Get Started with Music course where the group got to record their own piece of music. 

Henry was one of the young people who took part in the programme. He said:

It was great to have the week to meet so many talented musicians from so many different backgrounds and to come together and bond through our mutual love of music. I really enjoyed breaking out from my own ideas about music and getting to see what emotions so many other people could input.

During the Get Stared with Film course young people created inspirational films with the help of industry experts at the British Film Institute centred on the theme ‘London – Our Future’. 

Carla also completed the programme, she added: “I really enjoyed the acting, filming, the make-up and being the group – everything was amazing!” 

The Get Started with Radio course saw young people produce a live radio broadcast for National Youth Day. The group explored issues facing young people today including self-esteem, social media and mental health.

The final course was Get Started with Theatre where participants built their skills to create and perform an immersive play at the celebration event on the final day.

Young person Lauren added, “It was brilliant to be around people who are active in the industry and learn loads from them” 

These courses were five days each and the different groups achieved so much in such a short amount of time. 


ŠKODA has been working with The Guardian to capture the young people’s experiences. Their 'singing through self-doubt' video is now live on YouTube

Inspired by the ŠKODA programmes, and want to find out more about taking part? Get in touch