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Results for Life (August 2017)

The Prince’s Trust Results for Life report, supported by HSBC, gauges how much value is placed on soft skills and whether young people feel they have enough support to learn these skills both at school and in the workplace. 

The report reveals that soft skills such as teamwork, communication and confidence are considered by young people, teachers and employees to be as important to achieving success in life as good grades.

The Prince’s Trust Macquarie Youth Index (January 2017)

The eighth Prince’s Trust Macquarie Youth Index measures how happy young people are with their lives today and how confident they feel about the future. It reveals that young people’s wellbeing is at its lowest level since the Index was first commissioned, with many feeling trapped by their circumstances and almost a fifth saying they don’t believe they can change their circumstances if they want to. 

The report highlights a wide range of factors that could be contributing to young people feeling out of control of their lives..

Trust in Business (March 2016) 

This Prince's Trust and NatWest report shows that businesses started with our funding and mentoring support have survival rates above the national average. The research shows that 73% of Trust-supported businesses continue to operate into their third year, compared with the national figure of 61%.


The report was commissioned to determine the longer-term impact of the programme and positive outcomes amongst young people.


The Prince’s Trust Macquarie Youth Index (January 2015)

The seventh Prince’s Trust Macquarie Youth Index measures how happy young people are with their lives today and how confident they feel about the future. It reveals that anxiety is challenging young people’s confidence, with more than one in 10 often feeling too anxious to leave the house and over half worried about everyday situations.


The report – which also explores bullying, troubled childhoods and resilience – also highlights that anxiety is preventing young people from looking after their health and securing jobs.


The Skills Crunch (August 2014)

The Prince's Trust and HSBC Skills Crunch report reveals that business leaders are facing skills gaps, threatening to hamper economic growth.

UK employers say they’re struggling to recruit, yet hundreds of thousands of unemployed young people are desperate for work. How can we work together to up-skill the workforce of the future?


Abandoned Ambitions (August 2013)

Poor exam results cause thousands of young people to abandon their ambitions each year. This research shows that struggling school leavers need more vocational support.


The Prince’s Trust and HSBC report shows that one in six young people believe they will ‘end up on benefits’, and this increases to more than one in three among those leaving school with poor grades.


Young people with fewer than five GCSEs are almost twice as likely as their peers to believe they’ll ‘never amount to anything’.


The Start-Up Generation (May 2013)

This Prince's Trust and NatWest report shows that 30 per cent of young people believe they’ll be self-employed in the future, while one in four expect to be their own boss within the next five years.


While only five per cent of young people in the UK are currently self-employed, more than a quarter claim they’re ‘increasingly’ thinking of setting up in business.


In addition, the research reveals that more than one in four unemployed young people would rather try to set up their own business than continue to seek work in a competitive market.

Digital Literacy Survey (March 2013)

Lack of computer skills is damaging young people's job chances.


One in 10 unemployed young people cannot send their CV online, while more than one in six believe they’d be in work today if they had better computer skills.


A quarter of unemployed young people also ‘dread’ filling in online job applications and one in 10 admit they avoid using computers.

Broke Not Broken (May 2011)

Thousands of young people from the UK’s poorest families believe they’ll achieve 'few' or 'none' of their goals in life, warns our Prince’s Trust and NatWest 'Broke, not broken' report.


The research, which highlights a clear aspiration gap between the UK’s richest and poorest young people, shows how a quarter from poor homes feel that ‘people like them don’t succeed in life’.