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Matrix Standard Accreditation

In August 2016, we achieved Matrix Standard accreditation for our programmes – reflecting the high quality and superior standard of our courses, delivered to 11 to 30-year-olds across the UK.

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The Matrix Standard is the unique quality standard for organisations to assess and measure their advice and support services. It is an outcome-based standard with an emphasis on practical application and as such does not make many references to documentation, but focuses on how services are delivered. It is often the capacity to identify and exploit available opportunities, embrace change and use limited resources in a way that best meets the requirements of a variety of clients and stakeholders – often with conflicting needs – that marks a truly excellent service.

As a charity, we work towards to living the following five values:


We are open minded and value diversity

The Matrix Standard report said:Young people were complementary about the performance of the various delivery teams and rated them highly.”

Comments from Trust-supported young people include:

“They make it enjoyable being here.”

“They give us opportunities and support us.”

“I like how they keep confidentiality.”

“They are easy to talk to and you don’t get many adults who do that.”

“They help give me confidence.”

“They know when to pull and when to push.”


We focus on the potential, not the past

The Matrix Standard report said: “The approach taken to support young people in impartial and objective.”

A Trust-supported young person commented:

There is no judgement – I was helped to think about my dreams.


We lead by example

The Matrix Standard report said: “Young people on programmes talked enthusiastically about the taster days and the nature of the support available”


We enable positive change

The Matrix Standard report said: “There is a very clear culture of staff members supporting young people to become independent and make decisions for themselves.”


We are absolutely committed to supporting young people

The Matrix Standard report said: “Feedback from the young people was consistently positive.”

A Trust-supported young person commented:

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Trust. It was about passion and supporting my aspirations, reflecting on what I wanted all the time, and delivered with kindness and patience.

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