The Prince’s Trust is the UK’s leading youth charity and transforms thousands of young lives each year. Our partners and the generous support of our diverse community of donors, fundraisers and volunteers enable us to meet our charitable objectives.

Our Ethical Fundraising policy ensures we do not compromise our missions and values when raising funds. This policy governs the acceptance of funds by The Prince’s Trust where, in doing so, this could be unlawful; or be contrary to our charitable objectives; or have a detrimental impact on our beneficiaries; or where we have good reason to believe a supporter is in vulnerable circumstances which means they may not be able to make an informed decision. 

Potential detrimental impacts to the charity include reputational damage that may lead to a loss of support both in the short or long term. Along with implementing this policy, The Prince’s Trust has a robust decision-making process for donations and partnership opportunities that are deemed a significant risk.

The policy applies to The Prince’s Trust. For any information requests concerning other members of the Prince’s Trust Group, such as Prince’s Trust International, Prince’s Trust Canada or Prince’s Trust Australia, we will endeavor to effectively redirect these requests.

The Prince’s Trust’s Council is ultimately responsible for this policy, with the support of The Prince’s Trust’s Executive Leadership Team. The Trustees delegate day-to-day responsibility for decisions on donation acceptance in regards to ethical fundraising and reputational risk to the EFRR Committee and the Fundraising Leadership Group. Day to day responsibility for refusing a donation on the grounds of vulnerability is delegated to the Fundraising Leadership Group.

How do we accept and refuse donations?

Our community of supporters are vital to enabling us to achieve our charitable objectives and support thousands of young people across the UK every year. We are committed to working alongside supporters and potential supporters to raise funds in a way which has the best interests of young people at heart.

The Prince’s Trust has a number of ethical fundraising and reputational risk indicators, where we will assess the donation or funding opportunity. We review these on an individual basis to balance out the help we could give young people in accepting the funds against the risks of doing so. These risk indicators include, but are not limited to, association with illegal activity, activities which could have a negative impact on young people’s chances to succeed and potential negative impacts to the reputation of The Prince’s Trust.

To enable us to make an informed decision, we carry out appropriate research in line with our Privacy Notice. If, following this research, a donation is deemed to be a significant risk, The Prince’s Trust’s Ethical Fundraising and Reputational Risk (EFRR) Committee, through assessment, decide whether the gift or partnership should be accepted or pursued. 

The EFRR Committee is chaired by the Group General Counsel & Company Secretary and includes representatives from the organisation’s different directorates; Fundraising, Marketing, Policy, Legal, and Operations. A Trustee is also a member of the EFRR Committee, representing The Prince’s Trust’s Council. In exceptional cases, the EFRR Committee will refer to The Prince’s Trust Executive Leadership Team or Council.

Where material concerns are raised about funds that have already been received by The Prince’s Trust, the EFRR Committee will review it and determine whether it is appropriate to retain the funds or take the appropriate action in relation to the funds or partnership. Repeated donations or multi-year partnerships are reviewed to include any significant areas of concern that may have arisen since the previous assessment and decision was carried out.

Where we know or have good reason to believe that a supporter lacks capacity to make a decision to donate or is in a vulnerable circumstance which means they may not be able to make an informed decision, we will not accept the donation.

The Prince’s Trust reserves the right to refuse donations or terminate partnerships without reason being provided, where the activities or the individual or organisation conflict with our goal of helping transform to the lives of young people in the UK.