Each young person who has been nominated for a Prince's Trust Award has a unique story. Be inspired by our award winners.  

Young Achiever of the Year

The Homesense Young Achiever of the Year award recognises the success of young people getting into employment, training or education and overcoming substantial barriers to transform their lives. 

Stephanie Barr

Stephanie, 24, faced adversity and challenge in her personal life, and it wasn’t until the birth of her daughter that she began to take steps to break free from the things that were holding her back.

"It wasn’t easy; I was anxious, I had trust issues and health problems, and I couldn’t get work, so my JobCentre Plus coach got me to talk to The Prince’s Trust about courses that could boost my CV."

Stephanie is a truly inspiring young woman and is a very deserving winner of the Scotland Young Achiever Award. She should be very proud and we’re sure she will continue to thrive.Well done Stephanie!

- Louise Greenlees, President, TK Maxx and Homesense

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Breakthrough Award

The HSBC UK Breakthrough Award recognises the progress of young people in overcoming barriers and developing new skills.

Caroline Clemenson

"I moved in and out of the care system for most of my life; the instability affected my schoolwork quite badly.

“I then suffered more turmoil after a traumatic event made life even more challenging. 

“Things got so bad, I tried to take my own life many times and if I hadn't been resuscitated at one point, I would have succeeded.”

"Ready for a fresh start, I signed up for Get Started in Complementary Therapy after seeing an advert on Facebook.

"I’d been on Achieve a few years before and liked it; but this time I completed two Get Started programmes, then Make Your Mark, which resulted in me getting a part time job, and I was given a tutor to improve my Maths and English.

"I have a more positive outlook because of The Prince's Trust; they gave me the courage to believe in myself. I'm now at college working towards my goal of becoming a personal trainer, so I can give my boy the financial and emotional stability he deserves.

The HSBC UK Breakthrough Award recognises the outstanding progress of young people who have overcome extraordinary challenges to develop new skills and reach their potential. Caroline is the incredibly worthy winner of this year’s award. Congratulations Caroline!

- Ian Stuart, CEO, HSBC UK

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Young Ambassador of the Year

The NHS Scotland Young Ambassador Award recognises young people who are exceptional Young Ambassadors for The Trust, these young people volunteer their time to share their personal experiences and inspire others.

Reece Hayes

"I was a carer for my mum since I was 11. It could be very manic and difficult to deal with because of the challenges around poor mental health.”

"Eventually the cracks started to show; I got into fights at school, I was depressed, and filled with pure hatred. I went clubbing all the time, I drank, got into fights, got arrested... I was suicidal and didn't care what happened to me.”

"Then one day, I'd had enough. After narrowly missing a jail sentence, I got a mental health assessment, was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, given medication and support from a counsellor, and referred to The Prince's Trust.”

"My head was all over the place the day of my interview with Nikki from The Trust. I thought she’d judge me, but she just accepted it and said it wasn’t about my past, it was about doing something to change my future.

“I got an interview for Get into Retail with Tesco. Getting that chance to change meant everything and after the course I got a job with Tesco and was then invited to be a Prince’s Trust Young Ambassador.

“Talking at events about my life and about The Trust and the issues facing young people felt good. I even went on to deliver a TEDx Talk in Glasgow to over 2,000 people. It made me feel proud of how far I've come.”

"I want to draw on my experiences to help others, and I’ve already started studying Social Services at college to help me on my way. I’m also working towards becoming a mentor to help other young people like me."

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Enterprise Award 

The Royal Bank of Scotland Enterprise Award recognises young people who have overcome barriers and achieved success in creating a sustainable business or a community or social enterprise.

Dan Gronan

"My drug and alcohol use had left me feeling powerless and alone. I was depressed, struggling financially and relying on food banks and other people’s goodwill to survive. I'd been homeless, found it difficult to sustain stable employment and education, and my inability to cope with my mental health affected my relationships with family and friends.

"I knew I needed to change.  Discovering yoga was key to turning my life around. It gave me a new sense of purpose and fulfilment, helped me with my mental health, and made me more resilient. I set my heart on becoming a yoga teacher with a focus on supporting people who are at risk and facing the same challenges that I do.”

"From day one, everyone at The Prince's Trust believed in me and my dream and that encouraged me to do the same. They helped me write a business plan, gave me funding for my training, driving lessons and specialist equipment so that I could offer yoga, mindfulness and mantra music that promotes community, and helps people to feel safe, included and empowered to be themselves. 

"The people that I’ve now had the opportunity to meet and build relationships with has blown me away. For me it’s important that yoga is accessible to everyone. I’ve connected with recovery communities, university students, Glasgow’s multicultural families, people with impairments, and even headlined an event in support of SAMH at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art.

"My experiences have made me realise that with a bit of support and the right attitude it’s possible to live your dream. The Prince’s Trust is a great support for any young people thinking of following their passion.”

For 18 years Royal Bank of Scotland has worked in partnership with The Prince’s Trust through its Enterprise programme. Together we celebrate young people’s entrepreneurial spirit and help turn their ideas into a sustainable business or social enterprise. We are proud to sponsor the Enterprise Award and recognise those who have overcome significant challenges in their path to success. Dan truly deserves this award and we wish them a very bright future.

- Malcolm Buchanan, Chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland

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Rising Star Award

The Arnold Clark Rising Star Award recognises young people who, despite having faced substantial personal obstacles, are in sustainable employment as a result of a Prince’s Trust programme.

Rachel Smyth

"Most girls at my age were out with their friends and weren't thinking about having babies, but I was a single mum trying to get through school and college whilst holding down a part time job and caring for my son, determined to provide for him.

“I thought I'd easily get a hairdressing job after studying it at college, but there was nothing going so I ended up signing on. Sometimes money got so tight I couldn't afford the electricity to warm the house and often lived off one meal a day so that my son could have three.

"When my JobCentre Plus work coach told me about Get into Healthcare I didn't think I stood a chance of being selected, so I was absolutely ecstatic when I was.

"Get Into Healthcare taught me a wealth of new skills, but it also taught me that no matter how bad your life is, it can get better with the correct support. That's what The Prince's Trust gave to me, and in the last week of the programme I got a job with the NHS. I went from nowhere to healthcare in just six weeks!

"Life is pretty fantastic right now; I work as a Healthcare assistant in the Children's Clinical Decisions Unit at the Royal Hospital for Children and I'm contemplating doing a degree in Mental Health Nursing."

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Community Impact Award

The Stagecoach Group Community Impact Award recognises the positive contribution young people make to their local community.

Perth and District YMCA Team 15

“We were looking for a project that would not only make a difference to our community but would challenge and stretch our skills; the work at LOGOS ticked both boxes.”  

“They wanted an overgrown outdoor area turned into a grow-your-own fruit and veg learning garden for mums and toddlers, and a room inside transformed from a dark corner into a space that local teenagers would want to use.  They decided that they would like to create some booth-style seating which then grew into the idea of an American Style Diner.

“We met with the LOGOS project manager and then started calling local companies for material donations, and got everything from paint from a Dulux shop, some old bus seats supplied by Docherty’s Midland Coaches and some fabric from local fabric shop Snip, Tack and Sew. James Millar (team member)

“We also fundraised £594 to spend on extra materials needed for the project.”

“We had to be organised to do everything within the time we had, so we drew up some designs, pulled together a budget and a schedule and got to work.”

“Late deliveries and a last minute change to the room we were to convert threw us a bit, but we problem solved, rejigged our plan and pulled it all off!” Katie Warren (team member)

“We paved and gravelled the garden, made some raised beds and planted an apple tree; and inside we repainted the walls of the new diner, and installed tables with seats we re-upholstered ourselves.” Cathryn Brailsford (team member)

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Educational Achiever of the Year

The Ascential Educational Achiever Award recognises young people who have overcome barriers, developed new skills and improved their education prospects.

Talia McKenzie

"Mum had a serious car accident when I was 12 and I became her main carer. I tried balancing caring with my schoolwork but it was tough and I suffered from depression and anxiety.

"I already found school a struggle, then other negative experiences with classmates led me to start skipping school all together.”

"Teachers spoke to me about The Prince’s Trust Achieve programme. Initially I wasn't keen, but I quickly started to really enjoy learning through Achieve."

"I set myself the target of getting my Achieve Award within nine months of starting and actually completed it in six months, which was pretty awesome!

"I had a 100% attendance rate, passed all my assessments and felt happier and more confident than I had done in ages.

“The future’s mine for the taking, so I’m making the most of it. I’m working part time to get some money and have offers at college and university to study Art and Design and follow my passion.

"Everyone goes through rough patches (and I've been through more than most) but The Prince's Trust helped me come out stronger as a person because of them."

We’re honoured to present the Scotland Educational Achiever award to Talia this year. She should be proud of her progress and what they have achieved. We wish her every success for the future.

- Natasha Christie-Miller, CEO, Ascential Intelligence

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