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Personal Development and Employability Skills Qualifications, Scotland

The Prince’s Trust Award and Certificate in Personal Development and Employability Skills (SPDE) recognises a breadth of personal skills, qualities and attitudes required by employers across a range of sectors.


Supporting Documents

Learners should be assessed for the level at which they meet the standards for each unit. All learning outcomes need to be successfully covered to pass a unit.

SPDE Tracking sheets 

Please click on the links below to download the tracking sheet. 

SCQF Level 3

SCQF Level 4

SCQF Level 5

Assessment windows for SPDE

Keep up to date with the latest  Qualifications Assessment Windows 2021/22 (pdf, 1mb)

Making entries for SPDE

Centres should only make certificate claims for units and qualifications when they are satisfied that the portfolios meet all the assessment criteria and the work has been Internally Moderated.

  • Units and qualifications can be purchased by logging onto The Prince's Trust Qualifications Portal.

  • Making a claim on The Portal is the official stage of informing The Prince’s Trust that these learners are being submitted for External Moderation. All entries will be charged, so it is important that learners are only entered for the units that have been completed, assessed and Internally Moderated.

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