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Guidance for centres in Scotland

We are committed to making our processes and procedures simple and transparent.

Centre approval

All organisations will need to gain approval from The Prince’s Trust before they can enter learners for units and qualifications. Organisations approved by The Trust are referred to as centres.

For further information on becoming an approved centre and our approved centre policies please see  Qualifications Centre Handbook (April 18) (pdf, 896kb)

Producing and assessing units

There is no external assessment (exam) for our qualifications. Assessment is by means of a portfolio of evidence which is internally and externally moderated.

Learners should be assessed for the level at which they meet the standards for each unit. All learning outcomes need to be successfully covered to pass a unit. Once portfolios have been Assessed and Internally Moderated by the centre you are ready to make a submission for External Moderation.

Qualifications Support Packs

Qualifications portal.