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Qualifications Portal

Our Qualifications Portal is the place to track learners and their qualifications. 

Qualifications Portal

Qualifications portal

To obtain a login for our Qualifications Portal, email us with your name, centre name, full centre address and let us know which programme or qualification you are providing.

The Qualifications Portal is undergoing maintenance from 16th to 26th February 2018. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you need to see information on the system please contact Qualifications at or 0207 543 1391.

Learners on the Portal

Your learners will automatically get added to the portal once they’ve been registered on the relevant qualification.

If you come to make entries and find your learners are not showing this means we have not received a registration for them and you will not be able to make entries.

Unique Learner Numbers

From January 2014 Unique Learner Numbers (ULN) numbers will be mandatory England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Your centre can provide us with ULNs when you register learners on a programme or for a qualification.

When on the portal please check your learners are showing their ULN numbers. If the ULN is not showing for a learner, please email us.

Please see the Learning Record Service provider website for more information on ULNs.

Scottish Candidate Number

The Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) is a mandatory personal lifetime SQA identification number used to record achievements.

When on the portal please check your learners are showing their ULN and SCN numbers. If they are not showing for a learner, please email us

Explore our portal guides

For help and guidance using the Qualifications Portal please see the relevant guides below: