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The QualsHub

The QualsHub is the place to track learners and their qualifications. 

Click the button below to go to the Quals Hub log in page, or scroll down to find out how you can get your login details, as well as how-to guides.

Visit the QualsHub


The QualsHub

If you are a centre that currently has centre approval with The Qualifications Team and has access to The Qualifications Portal, your centre will be sent login details via email for The QualsHub. 

These details will be sent to the last person who made qualification claims on The Qualifications Portal and they will be the default Super User for your centre. Once this login has been received, the Super User can then issue logins to additional centre staff and they can also change who the Super User is.

In order for new centres to obtain a login for The QualsHub, you need to email us with the following information:

  • Centre name
  • Full centre address and telephone number
  • The name of the Super User and their email address

Centre Approval

All centres need to go through the new centre approval process, which is now completed through The QualsHub. The centre approval process takes a minimum of three weeks to complete. Please see The QualsHub guide below on how to do this.

Learners Details on The QualsHub

New learners who start their qualification from the Academic Year 2020-2021 will have their qualification entries made through The QualsHub. All other learners who have already embarked on Prince's Trust courses will still appear on the Qualifications Portal.

Once a centre has access to The QualsHub, you will be able to upload your learners to prepare for qualification claims to be made. Pleas see The QualsHub guide below on how to do this.

Unique Learner Numbers

From January 2014 Unique Learner Numbers (ULNs) numbers will be mandatory England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Your centre can provide us with ULNs when you register learners on a programme or for a qualification.

Please see the Learning Record Service provider website for more information on ULNs.

Scottish Candidate Number

The Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) is a mandatory personal lifetime SQA identification number used to record achievements.

Your centre can upload learner SCNs directly onto The QualsHub where learners are initially uploaded.

Explore our QualsHub guides and training videos

For help and guidance using the QualsHub, please see the relevant guides and training videos below: