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Prince’s Trust Qualifications Covid-19 response for 2020-21

The Trust is committed to working with centres to ensure all learners get the qualification they need and deserve in 2021.

  • We remain dedicated to supporting learning and progression and maintaining the rigour and robustness of our qualifications
  • We appreciate that centres and staff are working in acute circumstances to support  learners – so we will make our awarding arrangements as simple as possible and provide you with exceptional guidance and customer service
  • We will continue to work in partnership for the benefit of learners. The current context demands that partners across the sector work proactively and effectively together in support of centres and learners; we’ve done that throughout by working with other awarding organisations and The Regulators to consider particular adaptations

In September 2020 we provided guidance on adaptations that could be made to assessment methods, such as increasing flexibility and manageability and increasing the number of assessment opportunities available. Subsequently, national lockdowns and ongoing disruption from the pandemic meant that these initial mitigation measures allowed by The Regulators were not sufficient in all cases.

Therefore we are pleased that Ofqual has now published the outcome of their recent consultation on ‘Alternative Arrangements for the Award of VTQs and other General Qualifications in 2021’ which allows Teacher Assessed Grades to be used as a back-up in awarding.

Teacher Assessed Grades will be available for any learners who would be expecting to complete internal assessments on our Personal Development and Employability Skills qualifications (PDE) and Employment, Teamwork and Community qualifications (ETC) between 1 August 2020 to 31 August 2021.

What is a Teacher Assessed Grade?

A Teacher Assessed Grade is a formal judgement of learner attainment against the requirements of a given assessment, offered by a centre where it has not been possible for a learner to complete the assessment that would usually be required.

Our approach to Teacher Assessed Grades for PDE can be accessed here (pdf, 155kb) and ETC can be accessed here (pdf, 153kb).

These guides detail:  

  • How Teacher Assessed Grades will work 
  • What our evidence requirements will be for this 
  • How you can prepare and enter these on The Portal/QualsHub 
  • Quality assurance of a Teacher Assessed Grade
  • Dates and timescales for the issue of results

These arrangements apply to all centres in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  

Our Appeals Policy for TAGs can be found here .

Our normal Special Consideration and complaints rules apply for TAGs, please see our Qualifications Centre Handbook (pdf, 3mb) for details.

For information about any other qualification we offer, please log into TheQualsHub or contact us at

If any centre or learner wishes to discuss their results with us, please call our advice line on 0207 543 1391. This line is open from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.